Lesson Information

We are dedicated through the teaching of MSDT to elevate students in the art of self-defense (be that physical, mental, or psychological.)


Standard lessons are private. The typical structure is one lesson every week, but you are encouraged to take as many extra lessons as you would like.

Lessons are tailored to fit the modern needs of men, women, and children alike, while fitting the classic tried-and-true MSDT structure. Each belt/rank is comprised of multiple techniques and katas, weapons training, and basics.



Lesson times can be scheduled with standing appointments every week, but can also be set up on a float basis, if your schedule changes from week to week.

Times will vary depending on studio location, as each studio has its own hours.


We also have throwing programs for stars, knives, and tomahawks.

We offer programs for a variety of the weapons we teach, for people who wish to get a more in depth knowledge of weapons. This is rank oriented material.

See your Sifu for more details.

Self-Defense Program

Outside the standard system, we offer a comprehensive 8 week training program covering the basic principles of self-defense and awareness.

This program is intended for men, women, and children alike and can be taught in a group format.

“Fight Fear with Knowledge.”

– Sijo Helen Jennings

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