The Beginning

Mong Su Dom Tai® was established in 1974. After being taught in a major high school in California from 1974 – 1975, the first studio was opened in November of 1975.

We are a Christian based organization that was created by Charles and Helen Jennings. Its roots are in the Chinese style of fighting, Savate (French style kicking), Fencing, Wrestling, Boxing, and Street Fighting.

MSDT was created to fit the needs of our eclectic and diversified way of life for men, women, and children.

We are made up of about 20% traditional karate moves and 80% of original techniques and katas.

This is a modern system of karate with its roots planted in the past and in Chinese style, but continues to adapt to the ever changing needs of society.

1975 Grand Opening

This is where we began

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